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Stock Rom / Firmware Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 SM-T580 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


Download Stock Rom / Firmware for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016
Model                       SM-T580
Country / Region      Russia
Android                    6.0.1 Marshmallow
Product Code          SER
PDA / Phone           T580XXU1APG1
CSC                        T580OXE1APH1
Date                        August 25, 16
Size                         1.6 GB
Tutorial to install stock rom / firmware on Galaxy Tab A 2016 << Aqui >>

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source           sammobile


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Google account
We recommend saving the email
And Google account password in advance
Used in this device, as it may
Be requested after the installation of the rom,
Thus avoiding removing the Google account
of Galaxy Tab A 2016 SM-T580

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  1. hey I have a sm-t580 tablet I did a hard reset on & after flashing with oden all i ever get is just the welcome screen & wifi-agreement & lastly a screen asking me to log in to google which i cannot do & i get a 24 hour message but I might have tried logging in to google in the 20th hour instead of after exactly 24 hours- anyway what else can I do to use this tablet when i plug in mini usb cable I see my Tab A 6 (2016) I can add any files to the tablet per my PC. But I’m yet to see a colorful screen with pre installed apps- HELP— I was told that TWRP might help but I am unsure If & how to use. I used oden & clicked ‘Ap’ slot-passed–
    can’t see or find-settings -get to home screen or any files or folder without my PC being hooked up to it. it is like the home screen & the pre installed app are hidden or not there-Help!

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